Archipelago Honeycomb


The classic bath sponge with medium pores and of Mediterranean origin.
It is very prized because it is of great elasticity and very durable. The benefit of this sponge lies in the ability to massage the skin and muscles stimulating the circulation. !!!(Manca) Mantiene le caratteristiche di elasticità nel tempo. Questo tipo di spugna viene usata nei trattamenti termali per togliere i fanghi a fine posa.!!!

The lighter colour is recommended to cleanse the delicate skin of babies.
In the natural colour it is excellent for derivative baths and hydrotherapy treatments.

The Archipelago Honeycomb Sponge is selected using three catergories of quality:

The “Extra" choice: the best and perfectly shaped sponges, very round.
The first choice: the top-quality of sponges regulated with scissors.
The second choice: second grade and less regular in shape sponges.
The third choice: sponges destined for use in the industrial sector.

Rosenfeld Sea Sponges


Type Archipelago Honeycomb Sponge
Place of fishing Mediterranean Sea
Depth of fishing 15-50 meters
Size From 6 to 27 cm
General characteristics Medium pores
Recommended for Infants, children, teenagers, adults, seniors
Use Cleansing the body
Archipelago Honeycomb - Babies

For babies

Suggested size 6-10 cm
Suggested colour Lightened                
Characteristics Soft and delicate
Archipelago Honeycomb - Adults

For teenagers, adults, seniors

Suggested size 11-18 cm
Available colour Natural, lightened
Characteristics Soft and delicate
Archipelago Honeycomb - Exposition

Bathroom decoration, exposure or gift

Available size 21-27 cm
Available colour Natural, lightened
Characteristics Soft and delicate

Sometimes the purification process of which the sponge is subjected, is not able to eliminate all marine residues because of its dense texture and thickness of each single sponge. The small impurities (small black dots ) is an indication of the naturalness of the product. It has no contraindications as the sponge has been purified.
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