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Natural sponges are fished in harmony with nature. They are harvested by cutting the roots from the seabed allowing the base to develop a regrowth.
Contrary to what is believed, the cutting of the sponges facilitates the dispersal of spores to new settlements in the surrounding area.
This makes the sponge a renewable product of the sea. The sponges are ecological, consisting of hypoallergenic material which makes them particularly recommended for caring of the dermis.
A drop of bubble bath is sufficient to generate a soft and abundant foam, thus reducing the consumption of detergents.
To date, there is no artificial product that possesses the same qualities of absorption, water containment and softness of a marine sponge.
The large variety of sponges used commercially is attributable to three main categories:

Fine Silk Sponge and Archipelago Honeycomb Sponge, from the Mediterranean Sea.
Coral Reef Sponge, from the Atlantic Ocean

Our sponges are selected with the utmost care. They are chosen by size, differentiating them by the centimetre, and choice of quality.