Coral Reef


Comes from the Atlantic Ocean and has an average pore structure.
The sponges that inhabit the Coral Reef Barrier are 1,500. Among these, our company chooses only the best quality and shape.
The Coral Reef Sponge is very similar to the Mediterranean sponge, it has a delicate tissue and a shorter duration. However it is the most sold because of the value for money.

The Coral Reef Sponge is selected using three categories of quality:

The first choice: the best quality of sponges, regular in shape and very round.
The second choice: the cheapest sponges, flat and irregular in shape.
The third choice: sponges destined for use in the industrial sector.

Spugnificio Rosenfeld


Type Coral Reef Sponge
Place of fishing The Caribbean Sea
Depth of fishing 3-6 meters
Size From 6 to 27 cm
General characteristics Medium pores, resembles the archipelago sponge, but the sponge has less valuable consistency
Recommended for Infants, children, teenagers, adults, seniors
Use Cleansing the body
Coral Reef - Babies

For babies

Suggested size      6-10 cm                                    
Suggested colour     Lightened
Duration 8 months
Coral Reef - Adults

For teenagers, adults, seniors

Suggested size      11-20 cm                                    
Available colour        Natural, lightened
Duration 8 months
Coral Reef - Exposition

Bathroom decoration, exposure or gift 

Available size      18-27 cm round or vase shape
Available colour        Natural, lightened
Duration 8 months

Sometimes the purification process of which the sponge is subjected, is not able to eliminate all marine residues because of its dense texture and thickness of each single sponge. The small impurities (small black dots ) is an indication of the naturalness of the product. It has no contraindications as the sponge has been purified.
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