Use of the natural sea sponges

Personal hygiene

The most common known use is that for personal hygiene. The sponges are very soft to the touch and are ideal for washing babies during the first months of their lives. Both adults and those with sensitive skin appreciate the quality and pleasure experienced from using the natural sea sponge.
The sponge has many natural properties. It retains water, does not drip and releases water only when slight pressure is applied. Many people prefer to purchase the natural sea sponge because of its characteristics for deep cleansing the face, its ecological properties and most of all does not give allergic reactions.
Dermatologists recommend the natural marine sponges for very sensitive skin and skin with allergies. Great for the bathroom derivative.

Bathroom Accessory

Natural sea sponges have become a stylish accessory for the bathrooms: in private homes, in hotels and on yachts, it is very common to see displays of natural sponges as part of furnishing. Displayed in glass containers with sand and little stones or placed near sinks and bathtubs, it brings to life a reflection of marine life and natural wellbeing.

The Ceramic industry

It is used for finishing on the lathe machine. It leaves no trace on the surface that has to be modelled. The sea sponge is a useful tool for decorators who use it for buffering.

Home decorating/painting

The sponge buffering is a colouring technique used in DIY on furniture and accessories and on large surfaces such as walls and ceilings. The advantage of this technique is that at any time you can change the dominating colour and obtain different shades. The natural sea sponge always leaves a different imprint, creating an interesting spotted effect. When used with acrylic paints, it should be washed after use to allow it to get rid of absorbed colour. If allowed to dry without removing traces of the paint, the colour will coagulate making it impossible to remove.

Footwear Manufacturers

The marine sponges are used in the shoe making industry to gently extend the colour on the upper part of the shoe and for polishing and finishing of the shoe.

Painting and fine art

The sea sponge is used in the restoration of art, for dry cleaning of frescoes and paintings. It is used for painting to create decorative effects and set on rollers to extend colour on walls, canvases and large surfaces