Fine Silk


It grows up to a maximum size of 40 cm in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea.
In some rare cases this species of sponge can grow to one meter in size.
It has a fine texture, minute and dense pore. These feature are so important and recognized and have therefore given origin to its name.
The fine silk sponge is ideal for the delicate skin of children, adults and the elderly.
If used from the first months of baby's life, the sponge gently caresses the skin and protects it from allergic reactions.

The fine silk sponge cleanses and massages the skin relaxes the muscles and removes impurities from the face. Excellent for removing make-up: simply put the cleanser on the wet sponge and proceed to massage in circular movements. The contact of the fine silk sponge on the skin is like being caressed. At the end of each use, the sponge must be rinsed to remove any residue.

The Fine Silk Sponge is selected using three categories of quality:

The first choice: the best quality of sponges, perfect in shape and appearance.
The second choice: flatter in shape and very resistant sponges.
The third choice : sponges destined for use in the industrial sector.

Rosenfeld Sea Sponges


Type Fine Silk Sponge
Place of fishing Mediterranean Sea
Depth of fishing 15-50 meters
Size From 5 to 22 cm
General features Very fione pores, soft and delicate
Recommended for Infants, children, teenagers, adults, seniors
Use Body and facial cleansing, make up remover
Fine Silk - Make-up remover

Make-up remover

Suggested size 5-9 cm
Available colour Lightened
Fine Silk - Bath

Baby Bath

Suggested size 7-10 cm
Available colour Lightened
Fine Silk - Facial cleansing

Facials cleansing

Suggested size 8-11 cm
Available colour Lightened
Fine Silk - Body cleansing

Body cleansing

Suggested size 11-15 cm
Available colour Lightened
Fine Silk - Decoration, exposure or gift

Decoration, exposure or gift

Available size  16-22 cm
Available colour Lightened

Sometimes the purification process of which the sponge is subjected, is not able to eliminate all marine residues because of its dense texture and thickness of each single sponge. The small impurities (small black dots ) is an indication of the naturalness of the product. It has no contraindications as the sponge has been purified.
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